We’re not
bean counters

We dare to be different in the pursuit of profits and growth.

Our Mission

Creative solutions and accelerated success

That’s what you’ll get from a Virtual CFO like 21 Financials.

A Virtual CFO provides all the advantages of a full-time Chief Financial Officer, but on an outsourced basis. So we’ll look well beyond your balance sheet for innovative ways to increase profit margins and growth opportunities, similar to in-house CFOs at large corporates, but at a much lower cost.

Who needs the help of a Virtual CFO?

SMEs with profit and growth concerns who can’t quite afford full-time, in-house financial expertise.

Are sales growing rapidly, but not showing in your year-end profits?

Are your bookkeeper and external accountant unable to understand your business plan?

Are you profitable, but not quite able to achieve explosive growth?

Are you profitable, but never seem to have enough cash in the bank?

Are governance and compliance issues taking up too much of your time?

Are your books now complicated enough to warrant expert involvement?

Would a Virtual CFO benefit your business?

We’re a firm of female entrepreneurs

With unique perspectives on how to fix accounting and finance issues.

Karen te Lintelo is our founder, possessing over 25 years’ experience in finance. She has worked her way up from the ground floor to the uppermost echelons of her field, in a wide range of industries within the SME sector.

Find out more about Ms. te Lintelo’s certifications.