Murray Ellwood

Murray Ellwood – Murray has considerable and varied senior professional experience, ranging from sales through to project management and even tour bus driving! His 30+ years’ experience in procurement and project management across both business and government allows him to bring a unique and varied perspective to 21 Financials. He has become our “expo guru” and can always be seen at the many disability expos that 21 Financials attend and sponsor. He is highly skilled in the art of negotiation and how to interact with highly visible, senior and long term members of government, which is always needed with both SME’s and the NDIS.

He has two gorgeous adult children and enjoys spending time with them cooking and trying out new cuisines. When not working, he loves riding his very fast motorbike with his partner, going out for dinner, and catching up with his mates.

Murray Dares to be Different in what he brings to both 21 Financials and his life. With lived experience he can understand and empathise with participants, as well as having exceptional business understanding. He rounds out the experience within the 21 Financials team with his background in sales as well as project management. Besides all of this, he’s a lovely calm and caring person, with extraordinary levels of emotional intelligence.