NDIS Plan Management

Expert guidance for NDIS plan management decisions, compliance with regulations, and dispute resolutions.

Have you included plan management in your NDIS plan?

Plan Management allows you to control your plan without actually having to pay the bills. It is the NDIS registered Plan Manager who undertakes the full process, from receipt of invoices from your service providers, through to lodging in the NDIA portal, and finally payment to your service provider.

All of this is done at no cost to you, as you will receive funding for this via your NDIS plan, under the “Improved Life Choices” section. We make things simple for you, so you can concentrate on the important aspects of the plan.

Choose 21Financials to be your plan manager

The financial requirements of any agreement can be daunting for anyone, especially when it relates to those whom we care about. 21Financials is here to take that element of stress away from you, either by undertaking the entire plan management process, or training you to undertake this process yourself.

We Dare to be Different by offering you service with a personal touch from honest, respectful, caring representatives who will help you throughout the financial process, ensure your service providers will be paid, and provide you with regular alerts on the status of your plan.

21Financials’ Plan Management services include:

  • Maintain detailed records in case of audit
  • Receive invoices from your service providers
  • Ensure accuracy of invoices and all services were provided
  • Lodge service provider invoices through the NDIA portal
  • Pay service providers once payment received from NDIS
  • Provide monthly statements of what remains in your plan to Participants and/or Plan Nominees

The goal of 21 Financials from a plan management point of view is to provide both participants and their providers with the customer service usually offered by business, and the personal care and sensitives needed for this industry. This comes down to open and transparent communication, sharing of information and ensuring payments and any issues are dealt with swiftly.

We fully understand the implications on a business if they do not get paid promptly, and the difference it can make on their cashflow and ability to offer services if they are. In business we say “cash in king”, and you can be very profitable, but without cash in the bank you are unable to function. We look forward to providing the peace of mind that the financial aspects of a plan will be taken care of, allowing all the opportunity to concentrate on providing the participant with the best services possible.

NDIA Managed

NDIA will pay service providers directly, but you can only use NDIS registered providers.


You manage the financial side of the plan yourself, including paying all services providers and using the portal. You can use anyone to provide services, you are not restricted to NDIS registered participants.

Plan Managed

The Plan Manager manages all of the payments of services for you, including paying all services providers and using the portal. You can use anyone to provide services, you are not restricted to NDIS registered participants so long as your Plan Manager is NDIS registered.

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