Incorporation, expansion, M&A due diligence, debt facilitation, long-term strategic consulting.

SMEs lacking robust strategic consulting and analysis capabilities enjoy clearer visions of the future with the help of a Virtual CFO

Where a vCFO focuses initially varies from business to business depending on revenues, profits, growth goals, etc. Your business might need company-wide strategic initiatives to repurpose your management structure or business model; or, it might need to reassure investors with cost-cutting measures or revamped production processes.

But before any consulting can take place, 21Financials must first understand what it is that drives your business. We’ll meet with you and your key stakeholders to learn in depth about those drivers, then consider improvements to things like new growth sources, reductions in operational expenses, or tweaks to your finance organisation.

21Financials’ high-level Strategy Development services include:

  • Business plans
  • M&A due diligence
  • New business establishment
  • New market/segment expansions
  • Value-creation audits with management

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