Team Development

Mentoring and training for your finance, accounting, and leadership teams.

Virtual CFOs provide coaching, discipline, and support to accounting and finance teams that SME owners don’t have time for.

It’s not just your executives and management-level personnel who need to understand your organisation’s goals, processes, and strategies. When your accounting and finance personnel understand them - and your non-finance teams, too - they’ll feel a sense of ownership in the organisation and their teams, and feel more confident to “manage up.”

When individuals within your various teams are confident with voicing concerns about the organisation’s goals, processes, and strategies whenever they arise, you’ll have much more actionable feedback to work with. Because, who better to learn about the inner workings of your accounting and finance apparatus than from teammates who are all working together?

21Financials deliver expert Team Development action plans for:

  • Mentoring/coaching finance teams and aspiring CPAs
  • Accounting support function strategies
  • Training of non-finance personnel
  • Motivational tactics that foster teamwork
  • Skills assessments and succession planning

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