What Others Say.

Marija Ivanovska


Karen is an open-minded professional, taking the stand on what is the right and true manager. She is always thinking outside the box in order to find a solution for a problem. Working with Karen at Intrax on different financials and systems projects was eye opener for me to see resolutions of goals achievement. Excellent person for me to work with. She is smart, hard working and have a very good ethic. It was great pleasure working with her.

Thalia Abramzon

HR Business Partner

Karen has great interpersonal skills as an added value to top up her financial skills. This makes her stand out from others in this industry. While I can’t speak on behalf of the company, I personally believe that her social skills have led to building relationships with everyone around her. I also feel she made an inspiring impression on younger females that aspire to have a balance between family and a successful career. Karen, I will miss our coffee catch ups and discussions of industry trends.

Robert Oliveri

Senior ERP Systems Consultant, PROerp

Karen is a very capable Company Accountant and Project Manager who I have worked with regularly for several years. Karen had excellent accounting knowledge and management capability. We also worked on a project together, the implementation of the Pronto ERP system for the Hong Kong office. Karen managed the project, and more importantly she managed the staff resistance, the personalities as well as the cultural differences, and she was outstanding at it. The project was completed on time and on budget which was quite an achievement given the three month timeline. I can honestly recommend Karen and say that she would be an outstanding asset to any business.

Melissa Webster

National Manager, ASPECT

Karen has been a consultant working alongside me on numerous projects around the NDIS, supporting financial sustainability in challenging environments. She’s a highly successful business lady with good relationship management.

Lorraine Portelli

Territory Manager, Bolle Australia

Beginning at Bolle Australia, Karen was the CFO. I found Karen to be very efficient and responsive in her role at Bolle. If there was anything that I needed she was quick to act upon it and diligent in getting things done. I knew I would receive the support needed if anything was an issue. I would recommend Karen for the role she has applied for.

Eddie Borg

Managing Director, ALINK

Over the years I can imagine that between outsourced CFOs, Accountants and Bookkeepers, we must have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for very little return. The problem we have found is that most of the people we hired internally or engaged externally did not really understand the core basics of what we really needed to do in order to turn our business around and reduce our operational cost to have the largest impact to our bottom line. Karen actually took the time to learn our business and operations and then explain to us the immediate changes we needed to make to get us on the right track financially. Having taken Karen’s advice and in less than 6 months, we have actually restructured the whole business including staff, outsourced all accounts and admin operations and we are now getting and delivering much better results at almost half the cost, and client satisfaction is at an all-time high.